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Lala Linen’s wide range of 100% Pure Egyptian cotton bed linen is all imported directly from Egypt and made by the suppliers of the world’s finest Egyptian cotton linens. Lala Linen is the only certified carrier of the Egyptian Cotton Logo in Southern Africa, which ensures that all products are exclusively made out of 100% Pure Egyptian cotton. The heart of all of our collections lies in the most exquisite 100% Egyptian linens for bedrooms and does not contain any cotton blends or synthetic fibres which ensures that our products are created out of nothing but the finest materials.

There is no turning back once you have slept in sheets of luxurious Egyptian cotton, or dried off after a long hot bath with our cotton bath towels.

Lala cotton is soft, long lasting, cool in summer and cozy in winter; and the joy of Egyptian cotton is that like all high quality items, it only gets better with age, lasting up to one and a half times longer than any other cotton.



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