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Machine wash at 40˚C or less. Cool or warm water is perfect.
Tumble dry only if you have to, on low heat & only till bedding is damp.
Do not over dry – remove from tumble dryer immediately to prevent unnecessary creasing.
Line drying is best & is Lala recommended.
Iron while damp on low heat.
Do not bleach.


Egyptian Cotton that is 100% authentic & actually made in Egypt bears the pure Egyptian Cotton mark and will always appear on Lala Egyptian Cotton bedding. The humid conditions & rich soil along the Nile River Valley create perfect conditions to grow long cotton fibres (known as staples; extra-long staples). The staples of Egyptian Cotton can range from 1.5 inches to 2.75 inches. The long length is about twice the size of other cotton fibres and the longer fibres can be spun into very fine yarns – these yarns are soft, lustrous yet very strong and durable.

Another property of pure Egyptian Cotton is its ability to absorb liquid – this ability also allows it to soak in dyes that give the final product very vibrant colouring that lasts longer.True Egyptian Cotton comes only from Egypt – because cotton grown elsewhere has and is being sold as Egyptian, an Egyptian Cotton Logo was trademarked in 2001 – it is used to distinguish 100% Egyptian Cotton products from other cottons. The logo consists of a white cotton plant inside a dark triangle symbolising an Egyptian pyramid. Egypt is eager to hold onto its fine cotton reputation as it is the country’s oldest, best & fastest growing market.

Thread count is how many threads of cotton are woven lengthwise and width wise into one inch of fabric – a good quality thread count of any cotton starts at 200. 200 thread count Egyptian Cotton will be softer, more comfortable and more than likely more expensive than any other cotton brand. As the thread count gets higher, the quality of the fabric also rises. Egyptian Cotton is used to make a variety of high quality, durable products; if you are looking to add a little luxury to your cotton products, perhaps Lala Egyptian Cotton is the way to go…